Colin Clarke

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Colin Clarke is an Australian who lives in South Carolina in the United States. He has been passionate about photography in its many guises for over 50 years, and remains devoted to the use of film and the darkroom process. He continues to use simple classical equipment to make his exposures. He is not bound to any format, and enjoys using several analog cameras – from pinhole boxes to 4×5 field cameras.

Colin’s work spans many subjects including architecture, landscapes with an emphasis on trees, and botanicals. He strives to find and record that special light which creates a peaceful harmony in the environment. Mostly Colin works in monochrome, processing in his own darkroom, using standard and alternative methods for development and printing.

Although he was influenced in his early years by many of the great photographers of the first half of the 20th century – Adams, Strand, Weston, Steichen, Smith, White and several others – Colin believes that Barry Thornton said it best about photographers, and their quest for good light and form: “As photographers we should be peculiarly sensitive to the quality of light. Often, the great picture comes not from the subject itself, but from what unusual light makes it into.”