Bruno Servant

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Bruno Servant is a photographer based out of Paris France since 2003.
Born in Le-Puy-en-Velay France in 1979, Bruno got into photography with his father developing films in darkroom.
Just after having found his first job in computer sciences, and having met the music as a pianist, steeped and inspired by literature writings readings, he discovered Paris in a low-light environment during the winter of 2003.
Dissatisfied with the focused perfection of modern digital images, Bruno was looking for something else in terms of expression.
Thanks to medium format analog cameras, and unpredictability of expired film since 1983 (rolls left by his father), he discovered a new way to tell.
Delighted with the qualities of black & white negative or color reversal films, he found interesting to talk as much as possible with images.
Giving possibility of free rein to interpret, each image has to tell a story.
The 6×6 format was a revelation for compositions and experimentations.
Medium format film is associated to instinctive and natural point of view he wants to share.
Discovering blur and contrast potential, expression of emotion to convey is something between personal feeling and perspective on things around us.
His own personal life lets him to compare light contrasts with musical modulations, blurred expression with purpose of rubato.
Photography is a lost instant, freezing time and space, as separated extract of existence we never find as identical in future…