Rafael Vinhas

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Rafael Vinhas photographer,industrial design,from Portugal.
My name is Rafael Vinhas, working in the field of industrial design.
This passion came by like the design. In life one takes decisions, and I decided to enter into the area of design, which today gives me great pleasure.
Details, emotions, feelings, movements are captured by the speed of thought weautomates immediately clicked the button. Doing so unique photographs. Have you ever thought that taking a picture, will never get another like? The second I took the picture, will not have it back, the steps that people have not turned back, the mood can change with the experience of a few seconds with others who can make him change. Also it is impossible to live novamente.A life is still … Who does not want to live again a fantastic experience? Living a few moments?
Think about the future, do it in this, because the future has become present! The road willsuddenly see a great detail: one that contains an outdoor advertising which allows an excellent composition with a person who comes in the back moving in this direction. What is your idea?

There it is: Think about the future, do it in this, because the future is going to be this!

All Street…