Nydia Lilian

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Nydia Lilian Cavazos was born in Monterrey, NL Mexico in 1985, with a passion for graphics at an early age, the age of 13 he studied painting and became involved in digital photography. CEDIM graduate of graphic design and advertising, it has strengthened its expertise in photography and video. He currently works as a designer and freelance photographer in the study of various forms of expression in photography and illustration.

Presenting a series of portraits from Oaxaca, Mexico. Most of the photographs were taken infraganti with the intention of capturing the essence of Oaxaca’s Souls, people that are full of life and have walked trough life itself while seeing their fate and destiny flow around them.

Oaxaca has an extensive diversity, i invite you to visit this incredible city someday. For now, i give you some snapshots of its marvelous people.

Oaxaca’s Souls…