Michael Massaia

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Born In New Jersey, 1978. Michael Massaia is a fine art photographer and printmaker whose work focuses on New York City, and New Jersey Life and landscape.
Michael specializes in large format black and white photography and large format Platinum / Palladium printing. All of his images are true “one shot” scenes that have been pushed to their limit via film developing and printmaking techniques to reveal the true way each moment was felt.

Seeing the black dog” is a saying truck drivers use to describe hallucinations that occur as a result of sleep deprivation during cross country runs. When they see the “black dogs” scampering across the highway they know to pull over and get some sleep. The moment they make that decision is when I sneak up to their trucks while they’re in the cabs sleeping and capture the moment the dogs melt away. All of the images were taken between the hours of 2am and 6am along the New Jersey Turnpike.

Series:Seeing the black dog…