Jan Scholtz

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Originally from Hamburg, Germany – I live and work in Brussels, Belgium. I started portrait and fashion photography in April 2006 as a spare time activity – as a creative counterweight to my job – and this is still the same today. I love photography for being able to create my own world inside my pictures and express myself on a level I could not with words. My work and way of working is not very conceptual or following a certain plan. Instead I am guided by a more intuitive approach.

After making my first steps digitally I soon moved onwards, and now enjoy using large and bulky manual cameras loaded with film. I currently use 8×10″, 4×5″, medium format and 35mm cameras. The different formats provide different looks, but more importantly demand a different way of working. This forces me to challenge my own way of working over and over again. I would probably claim that using large format cameras has taught me most of what I know about photography – it has influenced my work with other formats quite considerably. I am shooting mostly black and white and for indoor/low light situations I use Kodak Tri-x, for outdoor I prefer Fuji Acros. When using color film I like the Portra films of Kodak and Fuji’s PRO 400H