Philippe Fichot

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Born in 1958, Philippe Fichot has studied drawing, photography (shooting, developing, printing, photogram…) and offset printing techniques (photogravure, editing, machine…) from the age of 16. Then, he has discovered surrealism, Hans Bellmer and Unica Zurn, Man Ray, Paul Delvaux, Sade, Lautreamont, Henri Michaux… later Joel-Peter Witkin.
In parallel with his professional activities, he has exhibited his personal work and realized many albums covers and booklets, as well as two art books.
He has also dedicated himself to audio/visual projects, multiform and multimedia, accompanied by live performances.
Especially fascinated by black and white, attracted to shade like the butterfly to light, he has mixed various techniques – silver-based photography, digital and computer work – in order to obtain sometimes disturbing images of the convulsive beauty, exploring the depths of the unconscious, memory, eroticism…
His often obsessive and timeless work, leads us in secret places, between life and death, endless duality putting us facing our destiny, beyond good and evil.