Ljubomir Todorovic

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Photographer Ljubomir Todorovic from Banovici, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Born in 1989. I am a student of ghaphic and interactive media design. I love illustration, photography, typography, and street art.

with our own mind
Confrontation is a conceptual photography set referring to mental debate situations. If you ever get into a situation where you find yourself arguing in your head, then you know what I’m writing about. For example If you watch a horror movie and you try to sleep, you find yourself thinking about the scenes form the movie, and you think that the villain will come out of the closet. If you can, you immediately stop thinking about it and think of something else, but you just can’t, ant that’s a mental debate and an argue. Also there are all kinds of stuff that I personaly fight with myself, food, drink, money etc. This project is about confrontation of our own thoughts, and making peace with our mind.