Jason Sullivan

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Jason Sullivan grew up in Melbourne Australia and has spent over 15 years photographing many of Australia’s unique animals and landscapes. He has resided in Calgary Canada for the past 9 years where he continues his photography by capturing images of North American landscapes such as the picturesque Rocky Mountains along with its stark seasonal colours and contrasts.

In recent years he has also spent time in Central and South America photographing the stunning sights of Costa Rica and Brazil. In addition, his photography focus is turning more towards Europe due to his long time interest in architectural photography, and the desire to add all the historical and famous sights across the countries of Europe to his already extensive photography portfolio.

Although Jason has the ability to capture professional quality images of most photographic subject types, he tends to consider himself more of a wildlife, travel and scenery photographer. That said, he also provides a successful line of wedding, family and commercial photography services through his Tanami Photography business.

After completing several years of photography in high school, Jason attended Deakin University in Melbourne during the late 1980s to early 1990s where he studied information management and technical writing, computer science, computer imagery, graphic design and photography. Over the years he has maintained his software development and system architecture skills along with his graphic design and photography skills.