Richard Sammour

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Born in 1981An
Amateur photographer living in Lebanon.

Three years of cinematography has made my passion in lights and exposures…During my first year at university after participating in a photo competition; using my Zenith Camera; I won the “ first award “ : Best picture… Since that time all things happened have influenced on me and it was the start of thinking on how to be a creative and an expressive photographer.
I often go and shoot same places more than one time, following the clouds in different weather and lighting conditions intending to freezing and captivating special moments.
It is just a little weird to talk about myself , but being a photographer and keep learning more and more for several years about techniques weren’t only my passion and my obsess , there is another way to tell you my story : I will get my chance and have my first exhibition in Paris …
Recall that my days are your pictures ….