Ralph Graef

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German photographer born in 1966. lives in Potsdam.

I was born in southern Bavaria and spent most of my life in Munich.
Since 2006 I work and live in Potsdam near Berlin. Photography is my medium
to act out those of my creative talents that I have to neglect at my daily
work as as a cell biologist.
I am very open-minded with my photographic themes. I prefer available light
and clearly composed pictures with a discreetly arranged motive. I want to
stimulate the imagination of the viewer and to tell a story that emotionally
touches him and keeps him sticking to the picture. In this context, image
processing should only support the expression of the picture and mediate the
mood and impression I felt while taking the photo.
I use a digital SLR camera with lenses ranging from extreme wide-angle to
telephoto and plastic lenses, and almost always a tripod. Some of the photographs
displayed on these pages are scans of color slides or negatives taken on 35 mm film
or medium format film. However, to me the type of camera used to take the picture
is usually unimportant. The most important factor is always found behind the viewfinder.
In case of interest in my photos just use the Kontakt button to send a message.
I am grateful to Uta Schonknecht for the profile photo.