Mark Sadlier

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Mark Sadlier-47-year-old , amateur-photographer living in Malvern,England
Originally I trained as an architect & practised for 15 years. Eventually becoming an associate
in a practise with a national reputation in the sport & leisure field of architecture.
It wasn’t until my early 30′s that I began to develop any interest in photography. As a keen
back-packer & hill walker I’d taken record shots but it wasn’t until a trip to Yosemite in 1994
that things started to get more serious.
I wanted some ‘nice’ images so my partner lent me a Praktica MTL3 (a fact that she has come
to thoroughly regret). Predictably the images I came away with were poor, but I’d been bitten
by the bug & wanted to improve. So with the aid of books & a lot of trial & error
I gradually taught myself to make ‘better’ images.
Over the years my passion for the medium grew & my thoughts turned to taking my photography
further. An increasing amount of published & commissioned work encouraged me but it was the
combination of my 40th birthday & a serious car accident that became the catalyst for me to
leave architecture & follow my dreams.
With the encouragement & support of my partner I turned professional & started
Mark Sadlier Photography in 2004.