Bruce Long – The Farm

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I am an Australian artist and creativity / life coach currently living near Frankfurt in Germany. This site is an introduction to my art in its various forms,  an outline of  my coaching approach for potential clients, and to add
something positive to the day of those who visit.

I was born in Sydney in 1967 and grew up in some diverse locations including the desert, the country and finally
back in the city.  Living in Sydney’s diverse and cosmopolitan inner west, I have long been fascinated by the
experience of those who emigrated to a new country and culture, and now this very complex experience is my own

University studies in psychology led to an intense and satisfying career in dementia management and community
care of the elderly. In the past 10 years however I have made a major change in focus to undertake postgraduate
study at the University of Sydney and work in the exciting field of Positive Psychology,  primarily with clients who
want to explore creative ways to make their personal and professional experiences more satisfying.

While trying to win the ongoing battle with German grammar, I also now have the opportunity to make a lot more
art myself! I would also love to expand my community of friends here in Europe through art and through language,
so welcome any comments, questions or conversations.