Arthur Ransome – Forest Haven

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The expression of emotion was perceived as a sign of weak character in the working class culture that Arthur grew up with in the North East of England. Motivated by a desire to share his emotions and life experiences Arthur sought an outlet.

A relative latecomer to fine art black and white photography, Arthur is self taught. He has no romantic stories about being given his first camera when a barely walking child, or about the magical moment experienced when witnessing that first print appearing in the developer bath. Arthur began his photographic life when scuba diving in Puerto Rico during the six years that he lived there. Scuba diving introduced Arthur to sights that he could only describe through the photographs that he made. Although moving to the Washington DC / Baltimore area in 2005 stopped the scuba diving, Arthur continued to seek imagery above sea level.

Working mainly with 35mm format cameras and sometimes large format, 4×5 view cameras (slowly using up his stock of very out of date Polaroid film materials), Arthur photographs the black and white world that he sees around him. Although his subject matter is varied, he chooses subjects that express emotion.

Arthur’s work has been featured in B&W Magazine, Silvershotz Magazine and the PSA Journal and has been included in several group exhibitions around the United States.