Antonio Bolfo

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Photojournalist Antonio Bolfo lives in New York. His career began with an animator for video games, but the inner desire led him to work in photography more than a hobby.

In one of his first series of Antonio shot a young police officers on duty in the toughest neighborhoods in New York, according to this manual programa preparing youngsters for the real adult life. 30 newcomers in the South Bronx comes face to face with some of the worst offenders. Bolfo also visited Haiti after a devastating earthquake in 2010. In Haiti, he also met with local fishermen, who were digging graves to bury the dead. He visited a lot of garbage dumps in Port-au-Prince, where a lot of people trying to survive by finding food and scrap metal in a landfill.

Antonio works hard in terms of pictures and it’s also very realistic, it highlights the problems that exist in society without unnecessary embellishment.