Colleen Spencer Henderson* – Impressions

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Colleen Spencer Henderson developed an interest in photography during her early years when she spent time with her dad sorting through family vacation pictures. But it wasn’t until the mid 90’s, after leaving a career in the business world to raise her son, that she had time to devote to her photography.

Colleen’s photographic interests are varied and include landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, and studio still life.

When focusing on land and seascapes she is drawn to wide-open, unspoiled places and prefers photographing during the golden hour, (the time just before and after sunrise and sunset). When the city is her inspiration she prefers nighttime shots, especially after a snowfall, which can turn the city into something magical. With studio still life subjects she has greater control over content and lighting, allowing her to freely explore nature’s structures, patterns and rhythms up close.