Nacho Ormaechea

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Paris-based art director and graphic designer Nacho Ormaechea, created this series of photo-shopped photo collages called “Street Memories”. For those of you who may not know who he is, Nacho is a freelance art director and graphic designer who has been working in Paris since 2001. He has collaborated with several cultural organizations and important French and foreign institutions and created some pretty amazing artwork throughout his time.

As a freelance artist, Nacho definitely knows what he’s talking about and doing in the industry. According to his website bio, Nacho is, “Freelance and proud of it. I use my independence to promote the tailor-made and to go along with any project from A to Z. I love the dialogue and exchange to find out what is the identity of a project and, when I have doubts, I always know whom to ask, I lead a network of creative people who complement my skills: architect, printers, editor, webmaster, etc. I avoid “trendy” solutions on behalf of the concept. My education in Fine Arts and Graphic Design allows me to create, by my stagings and my photographs, new and powerful images that meet the expectations of my clients. As a professional graphic designer, I refuse to participate in unpaid invitations to tender or competitions”.

Nacho seems like an intriguing person, and you can tell how serious and passionate he is about his work. With “Street Memories”, he captures our attention by making us think twice with these great photo collages of random people walking on the streets of Paris. With a simple photoshop trick, Nacho was able to reveal another graphic image, which he then blended seamlessly into the unknown individuals. When talking about his work, Nacho said, “Each picture comes from a feeling, an idea that aims at provoking a reaction within the spectator’s mind. This reaction is likely to be different from my own, nourishing itself from different backgrounds and personal stories. My characters, anonymous people from the street, are mirrors reflecting my state of mind as well as yours”. This won’t be the last we ever hear or see from Nacho Ormaechea ever again.