Dimitris Triantafyllou

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Dimitris Triantafyllou, 1967, Greece, studied physics and mathematics and even received an MA in Biophysics. He also studied photography at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He works as a freelance photographer and teaches photography at various locations in his hometown in Greece. His photography is dark, gritty and very personal. It focuses on themes of identity, perception and memory. In his series Human Face, Heart of an Animal he questions himself how we look at other human beings and ourselves. By recording the events with his camera he started to create his own world, a world of expression that gave him a chance to comprehend himself. Thru the Looking Glass is a series that questions reality and fantasy. If reality is guided by emotions, memories, thoughts and dreams, maybe reality is fiction itself. He focused on people he knew including their dreams, their worlds and their realities.