Don Hooper

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Don Hooper is a Bristol based photographer who now concentrates mainly on the subjects that can be found within the British Isles, preferring to visit places that are accessible at a moments notice. For instance, a sudden change in the weather conditions might just be just enough for him to get in his car and drive the relative short distance to the likes of the Quantock Hills in Somerset, Dartmoor in Devon or even Skomer Island on the West Wales Coast . However, the flight to Inverness is only a short distance away and is not only good for photography but good for the soul.

Don has had an interest in photography since his late teens and started with a very basic camera that he used to carry around where ever he went, to take pictures of anything and everything. There was no specific theme but he had an eye for a good picture and is something he still has along with his passion and enthusiasm.

He has moved on a bit since those early days and now only uses Canon professional cameras and ‘L’ series lenses, ranging from the 180mm f/3.5 Macro, through to the 500mm f / 4 image stabiliser. Don’s work has been published in a variety of media which includes the photographic press and for the large calendar market where quality is paramount.

From time to time he can be found at various Craft Fairs, Game Shows and Country Fairs where he will sell his work of superior quality photographic prints, in a variety of sizes, either framed or un-framed. All the images on this site are available to buy as photographic prints or blank greetings cards, by going to the Image Library, where full details are given on sizes and how to order.