Tom Chambers – marwari

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In my eyes horses represent that which is beautiful and sacred in nature. In particular, the noble Marwari horses from India have captured my attention after an inspirational encounter with them. Known for their loyalty and bravery, the Marwari were considered divine beings as far back as the twelfth century. Victimized by difficult economic times, poor horse management, and global warming, the Marwari horse population was almost decimated late in the twentieth century. Fortunately, efforts currently are being made to preserve the Marwari breed.

Inspired by the ancient Rajput art and the legend of the stallion Chetak, I hope to capture the elegance and resilience of the Marwari horses. In these photomontages I present dreamlike images of children at play with the glorious Marwari. The Marwari horse series illustrates both the struggle for survival and the hope for prosperity shared by innocent children and animals.