Yeondoo Jung

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Yeondoo Jung
Born 1969, Jinju, Korea.
Lives and works in Seoul, Korea.

1997 University of London, Goldsmiths College, MFA
1995 London Institute, Central Saint Martin College of Art, Diploma in Sculpture
1994 Seoul National University, College of Fine Arts, BFA- sculpture

Awards and Residencies
2007 Artist of the Year, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
2006 International Studio and Curatorial Program Artist Residency, New York
2003 Art Omi Artist Residency, New York
2004 Villa Arson Artist Residency, Nice, Italy
2002 2nd Shanghai Biennale Asia Europe Culture Foundation Awards
Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Artist Residency, Fukuoka, Japan
1A Space Artist Residency, Hong Kong
2001 Ssamzie Art Space Artist Residency, Seoul, Korea.

Korean photographer Yeondoo Jung,creates fantasy worlds by building stages and photographing them. Even though you sence that something is wrong, it takes a little while before you discover the secret.
These photographs come from the series Locations…