Henrik Isaksson Garnel

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Born in januari 1987, childhood 2 miles outside stockholm.
Lives / works now in a house in the forrest outside stockholm.
Works with both digital and analogue equipment, often 4″x 5″

Henrik Isaksson works sculptural and scientific in he’s pictures.
He gives life to inanimate objects and build new life forms.

The sculpture has an important role, to Henrik it’s not about photography
to take pictures but to create them. He stages daydreams and nightmares and
has a completely different language than I as a gallery owner has previously seen.
He moves between surrealism and conkretism unusual to photography and
the label is difficult to specify. Henry’s creativity never thumbs on the quality,
he has been producing nothing but fantastic work in large batches.
In addition to his photographic training at Kulturama Henrik has worked
as an assistant for several years, including for the photo-based artist DAWID.