Benjamin Goss

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Benjamin Goss, 1977, USA, is a portrait, documentary and fine art photographer who has been living and working in Sweden for the last nine years. He completed several workshops given by Mary Ellen Mark, worked as one of her assistants for a short period and attended a three-semester fine art photography program at Broby Grafiska in Sweden. His project Breathe began as a protest against the current digital image consumption for which he uses a Kodak 8×10″ view camera from 1904 with silver gelatin paper. The strong black and white portraits are made with exposure times that last from several seconds to one or two minutes. Varmland is an ongoing project focusing on his environment in the countryside of Varmland, Sweden. Benjamin was fascinated by the contrast of the US and Sweden and photographs the people and things from an outsiders perspective. The following images come from his portfolio New Work and the series Breathe and Varmland.