Yu Xiao*

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1984, Zi Bo, Shandong, China
As Chinese contemporary art enters its fourth decade, a new generation of artists is inventing a more intimate form of modernity by turning to their inner self, such as young photographer Yu Xiao. Yu Xiao graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts – Beijing in 2009. In ‘Never Grow Up’, she has created portraits of herself as a child amidst architectural landscapes, yet with a private remnant of her happy childhood. The language she uses is personal thus universal, making her message ‘why is our past always prettier’ recognizable and deeply felt. Her deliberate subjective personal angle to address general, but fundamental and universal themes such as globalization, environment and notions of identity has not gone unnoticed; Yu Xiao received in 2008 the Grand Prize College/University of PIEA (Photo Imaging Education Association) and in 2009 the First Prize of China Academy Awards.