Jose Ramos

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My name is José Ramos and I’m a 27 year old nature/landscape photographer from Portugal.

I’ve developed an increasing interest in photography over the last years, and the passion grew so strong that this is the art I’ve chosen to express myself, as well as pay hommage to the beauty and power of the world which surrounds us.

Currently dividing my professional time between working as a doctor (in the psychiatry field) and photographing, I’m constantly struggling to find time to develop my skills in both areas. So far, with passion, this has been possible, at the expense of sleeping hours, but it always pays off in the end.

The main goal with my images is to depict and create my own interpretation of what surrounds us, sharing my vision in the form of photography.

Хорошая работа всегда вызывает восхищение. Но если художник не спешит и не гонится за удачей – возникает новое качество, которое неизвестно бегунам на дистанцию