Tamara Dean

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Tamara Dean, 1976, is an Australian photographer. She is part of the Oculi photographic collective (devoted to illuminating the real lives and stories often overlooked by mainstream media) and works as a staff photographer for the Sydney Morning Herald. Her most recent series of images is This too shall pass, Australia. About the project she says: “These pictures come from the hem of life. From a city broken down. Subjects un-grown-up. I feel as though I am conjuring something in these photographs.” Her work has been exhibited at leading galleries in Australia. The following images come from the series This too shall pass, Australia, Divine Rites and Ritualisms.
Ritual is a protocol, a guide, for that most fundamental of human needs: meaning. But when protocol loses meaning, snubbed out by the distractions of life, it is merely repetition. Baptism becomes bath, marriage a party with rings. And so on the Western world ambles, away from what was once the light, out into the secular unknown.

One wonders, in this state, if bath can become baptism – if, on meditation, the mundane can take up meaning and repetition become ritual. This is the margin I seek to explore: the contemporary quest for purpose, rite in the Australian landscape. Ritualism delves into the shared desire to understand our existence and our mortality, the purpose ritual holds in explaining moments of life, to mark them and imbue them with meaning.