Peter Bialobrzeski

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Peter Bialobrzeski born in 1961 in Wolfsburg, Germany, is a photographer and a Professor for photography at the University of the Arts Bremen in Germany. He originally studied politics and sociology in Germany before he studied photography at University of Essen and at the London College of Printing / University of the Arts London. His photographs have been published in many magazines, and Bialobrzeski has worked for corporate clients such as Daimler-Chrysler, Philip Morris, Siemens, and Volkswagen. As a critic, he writes regularly for Photo News and FreeLens. In his new project, Paradise Now, the photographer examines the transformation of urban wastelands, many of them located on the peripheries of cities. The photographs were taken in more than twenty-eight cities and fourteen countries-including Hamburg, Dubai, New York, Singapore, New Delhi, and Kuala Lumpur-and portray the phenomenon of the transition from old to new, from the familiar to the abstract . These images are as seductive as nineteenth-century Romantic paintings, but their apparent beauty is deceptive. Bialobrzeski’s book, ‘Paradise Now’, is available though the publisher, Hatje Cantz.