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Photography has been a passion throughout my life. I ran the Half Moon Gallery in London’s East End from 1974 to 1980. Teaming up with some wonderfully talented people we put on regular exhibitions of documentary photography and created the magazine “Camerawork”.

In 1981 together with eight others I co-founded photo agency ‘Network Photographers’. Over the years the agency built an international reputation for photojournalism, documentary photography and corporate work of the highest quality.

Photo stories, assignments and projects have taken me to more than 70 countries and my pictures have been published in the major magazines around the world.

In 2002 Acqua, a project on water I had been working on for four years in conjunction with Grazia Neri was published by Motta in Italy. In 2003 Acqua was made into an exhibition that has toured Italy for two years and has been seen by more than 100,000 people.

2005 Pamada Photography Award for corporate work with Skansen Interiors
1999 World Press Photo, Nature and the Environment, for picture story on Floods in Bangladesh
1994 World Press Photo, General News, for pictures of the ethnic conflict in Burundi
1991 Tom Hopkinson prize for UK Magazine Photographer of the Year
1983 The Observer – Christian Aid ‘Facing the Future’ award for work in Central America

Indians Asháninka…

Ashaninka Indians - one of the largest indigenous groups in South America. Their ancestral lands stretching from Brazil to Peru. In the colonial era, the Indians had a hard time: the people enslaved, and their lands confiscated. In the late 20th century,the Indians were engaged in a bloody internal conflict in Peru. Currently AshaninkaIndian lands under threat due to dam construction Pakitzapango, which would entail the relocation of 10 000 indigenous people. As a result, the tribes of indigenous people protesting the construction of a dam project, Tambo-40, has been discontinued. Now building a dam on the river Ene Pakitzapango suspended, but the project has not been revoked. The human rights organization «Survival International»Photos provided Ashaninka Indians and their lands.