Chris Levine*

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Chris Levine

- Light Artist
b. Ontario, Canada, Resident England.

Chris Levine studied graphic design BA (Hons) at Chelsea School of Art and went on to Central St Martins to do an MA in Computer Graphics.

He has always been fascinated with light as a force of life and his work has a spiritual dimension. His distinctive visual language and seemingly effortless control over his technological media has differentiated his work from the main stream. His lightworks have a resonant power that is both highly original and super modern.

Chris’ collaboration with artists such as Massive Attack, Hussein Chalayan and Grace Jones saw the application of both laser and LED in proprietary ways that have not really been seen before by a wider audience. Lasers diffracted through oscillating prisms and crystals, LED’s that project imagery onto the viewers’ peripheral vision – Chris refers to these as ‘visual echoes’. Chris’ sensorial work is truly experiential.

Chris’ work Equanimity, the historic hologram portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, was commissioned by the Island of Jersey to commemorate 800 years of allegiance to the crown. The work has been admired internationally and shown at Buckingham Palace Gallery; the Royal Academy, the Houses of Parliament, London and internationally in Paris and Singapore.

For Chris technology is a means to an end. His work is about the beauty of light and the way we see and feel imagery. It is a reflection on the wondrous fact that light makes a flower grow and propagates life.

Chris has had one man shows in London, Paris & Singapore and a travelling exhibition with the British Council which went to 12 countries worldwide.