Adam Amengual

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Adam Amengual was born in Queens, NY and raised on the North Shore of Massachusetts. His father Angelo gave him his first camera at 12 and he started documenting his friends and his surroundings. After studying the basics of photography in high school he continued his photographic education at both Massachusetts College of Art and Parsons School of Design. After art school Adam moved to Brooklyn, NY and began assisting photographers in advertising, fashion, celebrity, and music. Over the past 6 years he has assisted many well established photographers. He has worked with Ruven Afanador, Don Flood, Danielle Levitt, Norman Jean Roy, Art Streiber, and Ben Watts, just to name a few.
Adam is currently located in Brooklyn, NY with his wife Kate and dog Shug. His clients include The U.S. State Department via Lipman Hearne, Inc. Magazine, Time Out New York, California Real Estate Magazine, Swindle Magazine, New York Magazine, Juxtapoz Magazine, Sony BMG, Nobu and Tank Theory. His work has been shown in galleries at THIS Los Angeles and the University of Massachusetts Boston. His recently completed project entitle “Homies” has been featured on several blogs including Time’s LightBox, Prison Photography, This Is the What, Conscientious, and We Can Shoot Too and is in the permanent collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.