Kevin Roodhorst

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My name is Kevin Roodhorst. I am a 21-year-old graphic designer/digital artist from The Netherlands. I have got six years of experience and started to work as a freelancer three years ago. My specialty is making promotional material like flyers, posters and banners. I have already done promotional work for 24 different night clubs. I also took part in creating labels for tobacco and drink companies. In my spare time I am making personal projects and searching for more inspiration. Another hobby of mine is photography. I like to make photos of textures and other elements that I think I can use for my projects. I am currently studying graphic design in Amsterdam. When I am finished with school I want to work for an advertising agency. My work is published in 8 design magazines in countries such as: The Netherlands, England, France, Germany and Russia. My work is also featured on a lot of design websites/blogs. I also have my own online store where youcan buy my work in different poster sizes.