Dan Borris

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53 year old professional photographer from BORRIS / BARCROFT USA.

Photographer Dan Borris came across his first Yoga Dog, Otis – a two-year-old English Bull Terrier – who loved to do yoga with his friend Joy. Joy would be practicing her yoga in the mornings while Otis wandered around her legs, stopping now and again to lick her face as she did a headstand. Slowly but surely Otis began to imitate Joy. At first he tried out simple poses, ones that came naturally to him. As time went on Otis’s poses became more and more complex, until finally he began his own practice. While Otis himself wasn’t captured on film, he did lead Dan on his path to finding other four-legged Yogis.
Dan Borris is now a full fledged Yoga Dog hunter who has created two calendars featuring his yoga practicing dogs for two successive years. Dan Borris has also recently published a book.