Liz Von Hoene* – Bodyscapes

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With most photographers, you can pretty much tell what their personality is like from their images. Their style is directly related to their sensibility as people. But in Liz Von Hoene’s case, her photographs do not tell the whole story. The elegance and whimsy you see in them—yes, that comes from Liz. But unless you’ve worked with her, you can’t possibly know about her willingness to try new things creatively. Her generosity and open-mindedness as a collaborator. Her enthusiasm.

Liz approaches the research for her shoots with the same intent gusto, assembling an “inspiration packet” both to kindle the imagination of her crew and ensure that everyone has a clear creative goal in mind. “The art director or magazine editor and I usually discuss what we’re going to put in these packets,” Liz explains. “It could be a vintage story from a 1960s Bazaar pulled because I love the movement and body language of the model. Then there may be some images from an Alfred Hitchcock film. Let’s say I loved the way Tippi Hedren’s hair and makeup were in The Birds. Or maybe the inspiration comes from an idea not found in a book or a film. Maybe it’s just from real life—from something I experienced or somewhere I’ve been.”