Jorg Badura*

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Jorg’s photographs fuse precision and the untamable. Precision in that Jorg is both strategic and thorough in his preparation for a shoot, much the same way that an Olympian vigilantly prepares himself to perform at his best. The untamable part? That’s the best way we can think of to describe the spirit of Jorg’s photos. He can get inside of an athlete’s head and heart to express what drives them, what they are trying to achieve, and why it’s worth the fight to get there. And he can harness the unspeakable beauty of a natural landscape so that we, too, can experience the state of awe that viewing it in person inspired. In fact, it’s essential to him that we feel as in awe of it as he did when he was there. Such is his sense of responsibility to nature.

Спортивный фотограф. снимает обычные спортивные и шикарные ландшафтные фото