Kwaku Alston*

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Kwaku has photographed some of the most famous faces in the world—from Hollywood luminaries and Grammy winners to President Barack Obama and the First Family—for editorial and advertising clients ranging from Crate & Barrel, Coca-Cola, Blackberry, Target, and Verizon to The New York Times MagazineReal Simple, and Time. His portraits have a fresh, unaffected feel, yet they celebrate the extraordinariness of his subjects, striking a balance between contemporary documentary photography and classic celebrity portraiture.

Kwaku launched his career in New York City, where he moved after graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology School of Photographic Arts and Sciences. His success was almost instantaneous, and he began shooting for major magazines and ad agencies while still in his early 20s. He now splits his time between New York and Venice Beach, California, where he has expanded his celebrity portraiture while donating his time to a variety of charities and nonprofits, including the DesignACure Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, the Black AIDS Institute, the Smiley Faces Foundation, and the Venice Family Clinic.

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