Bruno Ehrs

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One of the true masters of classic Swedish photography, Bruno Ehrs possesses a uniquely broad talent. He is equally powerful in portraying people, objects, environment and landscapes, making it all appear as holistic elements of his very own, most personal ”Brunoesque” world. A profound knowledge of the technical aspects of photography and of photographic history, a refined aesthetic eye and also a unique sense of humour and good spirit are all distinguishing qualities in Bruno´s visual idiom. Bruno Ehrs is also a world class architecture photographer, always adding his own unmistakable temperament and perspective to enhance and ”spiritualize” the shapes och forms. It´s evidence of Bruno´s enthusiastic love of his profession that he, though an artist of classic copying, made a complete transformation to digital photography at a quite early stage. The new technical options have added new dimensions to Bruno´s photography, without losing any of his trademark style. Bruno is very popular among his clients, many of which

are major corporations, including Vattenfall, Green Cargo, VM Data, NCC, and the City of Stockholm. He also contributes on regular basis to travel and lifestyle magazines such as Res, Gourmet and Plaza mag. Through his long successful career, Bruno Ehrs has staged a large number of publicized solo exhibitions and published several books. He has also photographed numerous classic portraits of celebrities which are already part of Swedish photographic history, most recently a famous and instantly unforgettable picture of Sweden´s King Carl Gustaf laying leisurely in a quay in central Stockholm…