David J. Nightingale

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David J. Nightingale is one of the worlds most popular photobloggers and the recipient of numerous distinctions, including a place as one of Time Magazine’s Coolest Sites of 2005. His images have inspired thousands to pick up a camera and interact with their world in new and exciting ways. You can visit him at www.chromasia.com.

I was born in the North West of England in 1963 and currently live in Blackpool with my wife, four daughters, one son and three cats. I’m a lecturer in psychology at a UK university, with a special interest in notions of identity, subjectivity and more lately, visual imagery. When I have the time to listen to music I tend to favour ambient or dance music – Chicane, Brian Eno, and so on. And for breakfast this morning I had two cups

of coffee and a cigarette – I’m not a morning person ;-)