Phyllis Galembo

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American photographer Phyllis Galembo lives in New York, graduated from theUniversity of Wisconsin at Madison in 1977 with a degree photographer, photography. Since the mid-1980s she made an impressive splash in the world of documentary photography. Galembo pictures of typical costumes Aboriginal ritualsof the priests, religious fetishes African religious communities in the Caribbean andSouth America. Natives dressed in colorful clothes complex, spectacular decorative fabrics and spooky masks and makeup. Photos Phyllis Galembo vypolyayut kind ofphotographic interpreter, which can destroy, for a moment, cultural, racial andeconomic distance between himself and them. Photos Galembo combine a careful,almost ethnographic observation with a deep sense of mystical wonder and tangiblepersonal connection with people she photographs.

Master of Fine Arts (Photography / Printmaking), University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1977

Professor, Fine Arts Department, University at Albany, State University of New York,1978-present Faculty profile

Visiting Photography Professor, Parsons School of Design, West Africa Program, Ivory Coast,
Summer 1988-89