Patty Carroll – Objects of Desire

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Objects of Desire

“Presentation Pieces” is a photographic project integrating 3-dimensional objects with photography, by placing them either on the front or over the mounted photograph. I have started to make these pictures by using models who fit particular narratives, and styles. It is a quasi-portrait project in that it features people with objects that either represent them, or a fictional version of someone. It is about collecting, identity, women, and domesticity. There is an element of trompe l’Oeil in these images, because looking at them straight on, there is confusion where the photograph ends the object resides. The photograph is printed to the correct scale so it appears that the mounted object is part of the photograph.
Most of the pictures are of women holding kitschy objects, but instead of including the object in the photograph, it is placed on the front of the picture, thereby elevating it’s importance and changing its context. The project begs questions about photography, collage, and multi-media, the confusion between subject and object, as well as women and the importance of collectibles within our society. I am also poking fun at myself and others who obsess about their “stuff”, and define themselves through domestic objects, cooking or cleaning ability, clothing, or other through other ordinary detritus. In all of my work, I try to keep satire and humor as part of the message, as we are all too serious!