Chun Tong Chung

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Hello, my name is Chun Tong Chung, a Dutch born Chinese. I am recent Economics and China studies graduate living in the Netherlands in the city of Amsterdam. You guys probably know me through the name Hideous Manki.
I actually started taking photos with a Holga during my stay in Taiwan. I studied Mandarin for a year in Taipei and because of the difference in culture and living conditions, I wanted to record my daily live though this toy camera. Shooting with film wasn’t really economical and my funds were really limited. I decided to use my iPhone 2G to take pictures instead. Most of the photo apps back then were not as advanced and feature rich as today, furthermore, I wasn’t really made aware of the possibilities of the iPhone, I therefore used my phone as a general point and shoot camera. I was always under the impression that the camera on the iPhone was really terrible: I was content if the results that were OK enough to post on the web. I guess you could say that I just used my camera without really thinking about style or composition. After I came back from Taiwan, I discovered different websites that really encouraged people to take pictures with an iPhone. By then I said farewell to my 2G and got the 3Gs as my upgrade.
The iPhone 3Gs was a big improvement over the 2G. With all the apps that were coming out, the possibilities were really limitless. I have a Flickr account so I started putting up some pictures online. I posted some of my iPhone pictures to some iPhone groups. It was through Flickr that Eye’em made me a contact. This really piqued my curiosity, my pictures were really awful back then (this is true) but I decided to join Eye’em anyway because I discovered that some of the people posted some really cool pictures that were taken with the iPhone. From that moment on I started to use my phone as a my main photographic tool.

iPhone Street Photography in Amsterdam…