Louviere + Vanessa

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Jeff Louviere has a background in graphic design and art direction, winning several national and international awards. Vanessa S. Brown was 12 when she made her first photographs, and was exhibiting at 17. Her work gained international acclaim even before she earned her BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology. Louviere received his MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design, and it was in Savannah, Georgia that Jeff and Vanessa met. Their first collaboration was a series of photo storyboards for a film they had written together. The two moved to New Orleans in 1998 and have been exhibiting nationally since. The Photomedia Center spoke with Louviere + Vanessa to gain additional insights into their current series of work, “Slumberland,” and discuss their methodology.

Стремясь выйти за рамки уже существующего привычного круга, не обязательно выходить через низ.  Сейчас открыты все направления.   Louviere + Vanessa имеют оригинальный сайт, Его можно посмотреть по адресу: -{ Louviere + Vanessa: New Orleans }-