Julian Hibbard

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Julian’s enigmatic images reflect his interest in storytelling, memory, dreams, subjectivity, exile and desire. His photography has been exhibited in London, Scotland, Santiago de Chile, NYC and Los Angeles. In May 2008, he exhibited at the prestigious Fundación RAC Gallery in Pontevedra, Northern Spain.

Editorial assignments and profiles include: Afterimage, Fascineshion.com, Surface Magazine, Elle, Label, Dpict, Victor by Hasselblad, Wallpaper, Camera Obscura, Observor Life, Popular Mechanics, Honey, Blink, Pictured, Papotage, Selectism, Spin, Antenna, Alt Pic, Sony Music, The New York Times Style Magazine, d-palma, inkult and Wraparound Magazine.

Notable awards and honorary mentions include the 4th Annual Photography Masters Cup, the 2008 International Photography Awards, a 2007 ASME Award for the Popular Mechanics “Survival” story and selection for the 4th Annual Surface Magazine Avant Guarde Competition.

His first book, “The Noir A-Z”, a visual alphabet to accompany dominant terms from the noir universe, was published in 2009. A second title – “Schematics: A Love Story” is scheduled for release in December 2011.