Lorraine Daley

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Lorraine M. Daley is a full-time, independent, professional photographer. Age 30, Ms. Daley is a life-long resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ms. Daley attended The University of Pennsylvania on a full, 4 year scholarship, from which she graduated in 1999 with a B.A. in Psychology.

After extensive traveling, Lorraine pursued her first career in finance, then worked as a consultant in information technology. Despite being successful in these endeavors, she ultimately found each to be personally unfulfilling and disheartening. Thereupon, she embraced photography, a long-time interest and hobby, as her full-time profession.

Whether she is shooting during her travels throughout the world or on a commercial or an architectural shoot, Ms. Daley’s photographs reflect not only technical mastery, but also her truly unique perspective and aesthetic sensibilities towards her subject. All projects, commercial or artistic, are undertaken with a conceptual and narrative approach.