Namiko Kitaura

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Namiko Kitaura was born in Tokyo in 1977. She has had experience working as a freelance photographer in Tokyo / London / Paris, and as an artist in residence at Fabrica, the Benetton communication research center in Italy. It produces a distinctive image with strong, personal romantic golos.Podrazumevaemyh employs both abstract and absolyutnym.Izobrazheniya contemplate each other sensually, with a sense of graceful movement of particles suspended in non-time-frame. It aims to himself almost invisible aspects of human existence, which lie below the physical, and compare them: passion into a depression, comfort in sorrow, peace in the chaos and beauty in ugliness.
Kitaura worked for clients such as the UN / WHO, Reporters Without Borders, Dior, Kenzo, United Colors of Benetton, L’Oreal, Sony Music, Wallpaper, L’Officiel, Voyage, Vogue, Numero Tokyo, the next level, and Le Monde.