Brian Walker

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Brian Walker was born in Switzerland in 1982. At an early age photography became a means to developing his artistic qualities and cultural knowledge. In 1999 he began studying at the Art School of Vevey (Switzerland). He completed a preparatory year followed by six months in artistic formation. In 2002 he began an Apprenticeship in “Studio Production” in Geneva, while at the same time completing his courses at the Art School. The apprenticeship helped him to further master artistic technique, participate in national and international advertising campaigns, and to learn more about still life photography and fashion. His speciality was digital retouching. In 2006 he took a position with Dominique Issermann in Paris. His job was to assist the photographer on shoots and to supervise digital post productions for international advertising campaigns to do with jewellery, fashion and beauty (chiefly for Chanel). Here he had the opportunity to work in partnership with some of the most famous art directors, models, hairdressers and make-up artists in the world. As well as the photo shoots, his duties included compiling prints for exhibitions and promotional web pages as well as the management of the print archives. His work was rewarded by many prizes, and a publication with the Swiss publisher “Xenia”. Recently he received a grant to develop artistic and commercial relations in Japan.