Martin Cox – Seven Los Angeles Lakes

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Martin Cox is a photographer. (b. United Kingdom). His work has been exhibited in galleries in Los Angeles, London, New York and San Francisco, and has been widely collected, exhibited, commissioned and published.

Martin’s photographs suggest the passage of time, the presence of history and often evoke issues of land use. A recurring theme in his photographic work is the visual evidence of communities in transition and that impact registered on landscape. Many of his projects speak of the end of various eras, be they economic based, ancient,  or referring to a culture such as a maritime culture, or more broadly where the environment and culture rub against one another.

Cox has traveled through and investigated a multitude of forgotten landscapes — from the desolate valleys evacuated in the wake of the collapsed Welsh mining industry, to the ocean liner scrap yards in India, to the disused resort towns surrounding California’s Salton Sea, to a once cherished Seaworld ship embedded in a town square in Guangdong China.