Paris Visone

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Through human senses, experiences can be remembered and relived. Different forms of documentation not only capture these recollections, they immortalize them. Change is a natural progression. Although time and life are often perceived as a straight line, they are not. These concepts are vast yet narrow and complicated yet, clean. These photos are what exist in-between, and are never premeditated. Experience, Remember, Relive.

Paris Visone is a documentary photographer based out of Boston. She graduated from the Art Institute of Boston where she currently teaches. Paris was chosen as a 2010 Getty Images Editorial Photography Grant recipient for her series “Gender Roles and Appearance”. She recently finished touring with and photographing the legendary punk/new wave band, Blondie. Visone is best known for her ever continuing documentary work on her family and friends. She has been featured in multiple publications including AMP magazine, F-stop Magazine, and Performer Magazine. She is currently working on a book titled “18 Boulevard” which showcases a 2 year period where she lived in a 3 bedroom apartment with a revolving cast of 16 different people.