Sanna Kannisto

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Sanna Kannisto

Born in Hämeenlinna, Finland in 1974. Lives and works in Helsinki.

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Работы 2003 и 2010 годов. Остальные здесь - Selected Works

Finnish photographer, Sanna Kannisto, has a project that has been made possible by the Aperture Fund for Emerging Artists. Sanna spends several months a year exploring the rainforests of Brazil, French Guyana, and Costa Rico, alongside biologists. Influenced by their scientific methods, Sanna has developed her own form of visual research. She has a number of publications, including Snake in Heliconia, Research and Invention, and Private Collection.

My work explores the relationship between nature and culture. In my artistic work I aim to study the methods, theories and concepts through which we approach nature in art and in science. As an artist I am attracted by the idea that when I am working in a rain forest I am a ‘visual researcher’.

In my series Private Collection and Field Studies I was interested in borrowing methods of representation, as well as working methods, from the natural sciences, from anthropological and archaeological practices and from still-life painting tradition to use in my photographic work.