Kerry Mansfield*

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I first saw Kerry Mansfied’s series, Borderline, in Fraction Magazine. I was intrigued and impressed with her ability to create images that were at once mysterious and complex. Kerry and I exchanged a few e-mails and she let me know that she had been working on a new series, Aftermath, that chronicled her experience with breast cancer, which is featured below.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Kerry moved to Los Angeles when she was 16. She attended UC Berkeley, majoring in social theory and photography, and then studied Architecture at California College of the Arts. She returned to her photographic roots and for the last ten years has been working in the commercial photography business in San Francisco. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, her life took a new turn, but she remains committed to her vision and her art. Kerry’s honesty and bravery in sharing the images in Aftermath, will undoubtedly help help us to understand the journey of being a cancer survivor.