Alan W George

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I am not quite sure how but somewhere along the way, photography has become a central part of my life. Photography for me is a way of exploring the world. It’s the process of searching, selecting and examining something that would otherwise go unnoticed. Through this process, I feel more conscious, more aware, more engaged, more alive. Plus, as Mr. Winogrand put so succinctly , I just like to see what things look like as photographs.

I can really relate to what Alan George has to say about photography, and it’s evident in his work. Alan has a number of interesting series–three are featured below–that are observations of the world around him. He has a way a finding order in chaos, finding humor in the mundane, and most importantly, realizing that life is fascinating and worth celebrating.

Alan was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina and then moved to Nashville, Tennessee. In 1996 I moved with my wife, Jennifer, from Nashville to San Francisco, California looking for a change, something different. We found it. After 10 plus years of culture shock, it’s starting to feel like home. We now live in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco with our two kids, dog, cat and a 30 year mortgage.